Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

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Friends, you can't Contact Me at:
Facebook:Vivian Mulia
Twitter: @nokvivi
Formspring: Vivianipipin
YM: vivianmulia@yahoo.com

         Thanks Friends..!

My Best Friends

Hello,Friends..! I can't tell you about "My Best Friends"ok! I have two best friends she is Rafa nd Mevi.Rafa is Cheerful,Attractive,Smart,Kind,Friendly,Talkative,nd Diligent.nd Mevi is Tall,Calm,Kind,nd Smart.I Love my Best Friends FOREVER..! bye..!


Hei...all..! My Name is Vivian Mulia.My Nickname is Vivi/Vian/Vivin/Pipi/Pipin.I Was Born on December,13 2000.I'am Grade 5. My Hobby is Singing nd Reading.I have 2 Best Friends,She is Rafa nd Mevi.Ok..! see you..!